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Gutter Guards are the Maintenance-Free Solution to Keep Gutters Clean.

Life is busy, most people just don’t have the time to clean leaves and debris out of their gutters before every heavy rain storm, throughout the spring, summer and fall. At Gopher State Seamless Gutters, LLC… We get that! So, we offer proven products that we have installed and tested over the last 20 years of providing gutter services.

Gutter guards give you piece of mind, knowing that your gutters and downspouts will be flowing freely, as well as keeping you off of a ladder and out of harm’s way. Below you will find our recommended gutter guard options, plus a brief description about how each specific gutter guard is designed and functions. Of course, Gopher State Seamless Gutters, LLC can help you select the right gutter guards to fit your home and your budget.

The Bulldog Gutter Guard System:

Bulldog gutter guards are an aluminum drop-in pressure fit system. This system is applicable for preexisting gutters as well as new gutter systems. This system can be installed on any top of roof as it does not interfere with the shingles in any way. Bulldog is a flat-ported panel that is fastened securely by screws to the top lip on the front of the gutter as well as being screwed to the back of the gutter. This process not only keeps out leaves and debris and animals, but actually strengthens the gutter as well.

Bulldog comes with a 25-year no-clog guarantee warranty but was also manufactured with an environmentally friendly approach in mind as it is made with 100% recycled aluminum. Bulldog is available in 5 or 6 inch sizes and comes in white or dark bronze colors and is barely visible from the ground.

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bull dog gutter guards

Leaf Sentry Gutter Guard Protection:

Leaf Sentry is a solid, top-nosed forward, gutter guard that is matched to the pitch of your roof. The design permits water to follow the unique nose into the gutter and allows the rain water to enter, while keeping leaves and debris out. Leaf Sentry has its own high-flow ported panels and custom inside corner accessories for valley areas to accommodate the higher concentration of water flow. Leaf Sentry is backed by a lifetime, no-clog warranty and is available in 16 colors. Leaf Sentry is suitable for 5 or 6 inch gutters.

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leaf sentry gutter guard

Aluminum or Steel Gutter Screens:

Screens are for an economical approach to leaf protection. Gutters screens are the cheapest products to use for gutter protection. Screens are installed by sliding the screens below your shingles and screwing the front to the top lip of the gutter.

While screens will help debris stay out, regular maintenance is still needed to keep your gutters flowing freely. Gutter screens are available in aluminum and black steel. They come in both 5 and 6 inch sizes.

aluminum gutter screen